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What is an Attestation

Attestation can be defined as the act of witnessing the signing of a formal document and then also signing it to verify that it was properly signed by those bound by its contents. Furthermore, can be a legal acknowledgment of the authenticity of a document and a verification that proper processes were followed.

Also, attestation can also be called an official verification of something as true or authentic.

Generally, attestations are always found in wills and trust. During the process of attestation making, there is no professional or personal association with either of the signatories.

The process of attestation-making comes from the tradition of seeking independent verification of recorded events. Furthermore, Biblical scholars have long used the criterion of multiple attestations to determine which miracles Jesus can be said to have performed.

Also, Historians are always more confident of an event when they have multiple sources verifying its occurrence.

How does Attestation work

Wills and trusts commonly contain an attestation. In this light, an attestation is used to verify;

  • The person signing the will that is also known as the testator is supposed to be in sound mind.
  • It also verifies that the testator signed the will or trust and the party performing the attestation witnessed it.

Where to buy Original Attestation/Fake Attestation

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What are the importance/Uses of Attestation?

Attestation has much importance some of which include;

  • VISA Stamping
  • Designation Change (eg. Sales VISA to Manager VISA)
  • Labour Card processing
  • Medical reasons
  • MOH/DOH Examinations
  • Equivalency purpose.
  • Higher Education
  • To change the name in the passport (adding or removing)
  • At the time when applying for Family VISA.
  • To admit the wife for delivery in the hospital
  • When adopting a child.
  • An attestation is used When filing Divorce.
  • When applying for passports for children.
  • During School admission.
  • At the time when applying for Insurance.

What are the different types of Attestation?

There are many different types of attestations each used for different reasons. Usually. attestation clauses are found in wills and trusts. However, attestations are also found in many other fields and disciplines, such as medicine and healthcare.

Most times, physicians and medical directors sign attestations when working with medical students and residents and when providing or ordering Medicare services.

For instance, a teaching physician may sign and date a general attestation that states that they were present with the student when a specific procedure was performed.

Also, it will also attest that they supervised the visit, reviewed the person’s medical history and the student’s documentation of the visit, and rendered a decision based on those details and their examination.

Some attestations and their definitions;

  • Degree certificate attestation: It is the certification referring to the authentic degree certificates possessed by the individual. It is meant to verify all the education certificates acquired by the individual in time.
  • Attestation of marriage certificate: This attestation is related to the relationship proof between the two individuals and is the best way to check the legality of the marriage.
  • Certificate of birth attestation: This attestation indicates the real age of the child and thus becomes mandatory while traveling to foreign lands.

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