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Social Security Number also known as SSN is a numerical identification given to US citizens and also other residents in order to determine benefits and track their incomes. Well, if you are looking for How To Buy Social Security Cards Online then no need to wonder anymore, buy quality documents has it all. Moreso, as the best in the market, covering a large range of Other products sales, and the best place to buy other documents online.

Let talk more about what is exactly a Social Security Card (SSC).

History of Social Security Number (SSN)

Firstly, it was created in 1936, with aim of retirement and disability purpose/benefits. Although its main aim is to be able to track earnings and provide benefits.

Presently, it has more additional uses such as tracking credit reports and identifying individuals say for tax purposes. If you are in the US then you will be asked to provide your SSN to do many things. For example, you need an SSN to open a bank account, obtain any benefit from the government, large purchases, obtain credit, and a lot more.

Secondly, the SSN was developed by president Franklin D Roosevelt to help many citizens of the Us. Moreso, he signed the SSA in 1935, aiming to help the American economy(stability). This was mostly for those above the age of 65 who must have retired or could not do work. Additionally, the SSB was created to maintain order in the SSA, and also for record-keeping thus. Thirdly, the creation of the nine-digit number (9) given to each person/individual.

Parts/Constituency Of the SSN

  1. Serial number

Keep in mind that the last four (4) digits of the group are the main or actual serial numbers needed. Moreso, as it ascends from 0001-9999 with the various groups. 


Serial Number 0000 is not used and in late 2011, Social Security Numbers were being issued at a very random rate. Additionally, in late 1943 the SNN was used for the following;

  • Banks needed to obtain SSNs from all their customers as of1970.
  • SSNs were printed on birth certificates and driver’s licenses around 1996. Later, they were removed from the birth certificate and driver’s license in 1999.
  • SSNs were used to identify individuals and remove certain laws.
  • Equally used for tax reporting by the IRS in 1962.

How To Buy Social Security Cards Online

2. Area Number

Just keep in mind that it is the first three (3) digits group that makes up the area number. Moreso, each state has its corresponding area number, for example, New Hampshire has 001-003 while Hawaii has 575-576, what an organizing manner right!!!

Nonetheless, those in the east have the lowest when it comes to SSNs. With Area numbers, it ascends as the assignment moves westward thus those on the west coast have the highest SSNs

3. Group Number

With group number, the group of two (2) digits is the group number ranging from 01-99, originally represented by 10000 numbers given to state post offices. Not forgetting that we can get Social Security Cards for you!!!

Why you need SSC/Why Buy Social Security Cards Online

Yes, a SSN is very important to have, providing you with many opportunities and privileges/benefits to receive from the US government.

This card helps the government track yearly earnings and the number of years worked. Moreso, it is aimed at computing financial benefits. Additionally, Its in relation to health, disability with income, and retirement income

Additionally, the SSC help in  many ways like;
  • Getting a job,
  • collecting social security benefits,
  • Others.

Notably, enable you to keep your SSC very safe alongside your most Important documents. Nonetheless, if you forever lost it or want to replace then you can always Buy Social Security Cards Online from us at a trusted agent.


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    Secondly, we know the card doesn’t stay on you all the time but in a safe place. Note that you may fall into many problems/harm if your SSC is to fall in the wrong hands. Not All will search/turn to the state department for missing, that’s why we are here to guide/ help you.

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    How To Buy Social Security Cards Online

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    How Does Social Security Number (SSN) Work/Applications

    Did you know all working residents, temporal and permanent residents of the U.S all have a Social Security number? Well even non-citizens of the U.S can have a Social Security number.

    Morso, the US government sees the Social Security card (SSC) as a great means of growing its economy and helping others within the nation.

    How To Get Quality Social Security Card With Number from the Best Dealer of Quality Documents.

    As early said, the SSC is more than you think it is. It is one of the most important documents in the United State Of America.

    Its purpose is to recognize individuals for social security benefits and others. Moreso, you need it to prove your identity upon contacting banks, employers, insurance agencies, government authorities, and many more. Now you see how important the Social Security Card is to you and the public.

    Without withstanding the SSC lacks a photo, date of birth, etc so anyone with the same name as you can use it so take care of yours.


    A citizen can only have one Security number in a lifetime and this number is permanent and retains its validity.

    Moreso, the SSN is printed on the SSC, almost the same as that of a credit card.

    Who is eligible for a Social Security Card

    Firstly, we do issue SSC to our client, showing your name and SSN. Moreso, if you are not a US citizen or lawful permanent resident of the US certain work restriction may have to be done.

    Again, if you can show your SSN and Name, then you can work freely without any restrictions.

    Moreso, if you are a US citizen or lawfully admitted to the US on a permanent basis, then fine and good for you, if not you might just have to work your way to get it. How To Buy Social Security Cards Online shouldn’t be a problem cause we are here, every is about quality!!!

    Nonetheless, we do issue SSC with Valide numbers to people from other countries. The reason is that you may be experiencing downfall one way or the other and might need some social security benefits from the US government.

    How To Replace Social Security Card and Number Online/How to Apply for Social Security Card and Number

    Of course, you can, that’s what we do here and others, Contact Us for any quality document you need and get the worries over with.

    Firstly, do not worry if;

    You are not a US citizen,

    • Don’t have a mailing Address,
    • Want to make changes to your Social Security Card,
    • Don’t have a driving License or identification card from any of the states,
    • Don’t have a Social Security Account.

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